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Why I quit my corporate job (and why you would do the same)

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I fucking quit
Open letter to all the 20 something that feel they’re missing something in their lives...

I will be 28 this year... and just a few months ago, I realized that there is life BEFORE death.

All my life I've been wondering what it means to have a successful career, follow my passions, and especially, what the hell it means to be "someone in life".

So, I did everything I was told, I got into college when I was 14, got my engineering degree when I was 19 and my PhD at 24. You might be wondering that, by now, I should have everything anyone can dream of and be extremely happy, right?

Well… not really

When I was a teenager, I wrote a “recipe” on what I thought it would be needed to become “someone in life”, it helped me to be where I am right now.

How to be someone in life (teen version)

- Ingredients: Ambition, education, energy, curiosity, intelligence and little bit of boldness.

- Instructions:

  1. Study and memorize as much information as possible, regardless the subject even if you’re good at it or not. Anything can be helpful in the future.

  2. Find a well-paid job adapted to your diplomas, enjoy being an employe and earn loads of money.

  3. Travel and visit new places during holidays.

  4. Get married, have children, buy a house and a good car.

  5. Retire, enjoy part of the savings of your life, so you can leave good things to your children.

After spending several years in different jobs, i.e: as a professor in several universities, and even being a R&D director in a “well-paid” job, I had an epiphany:

I was fucking bored!

So, I took the recipe and rewrote it, now, it looks like this:

How to be someone in life (adult version)

- Ingredients: Compliance, repeating, boredom and loads loads of “shutting the freak up”.

- Instructions:

  1. Fill up your resumé with a lot of diplomas, it is not important if the education you’re receiving teaches you to pass exams and not to think by yourself. The more the better.

  2. Repeat, repeat and repeat in a dogmatic manner everything your teachers tell you, and mainly, never question the system.

  3. Do little jobs here and there as an intern in big companies, put those new lines on your resumé.

  4. Leave your country, doesn’t matter if you’re rather attached to your family or if it is hard to get used to new cultures.

  5. Finally, throw away the best years of your life trying to get the first job where they say “yes” and not the one that you are really passionate about. And, in case anyone asks, you should reply “I’m really thankful because I ‘can’ go to work everyday” (See step 2)

How is it possible that our expected adults lives became in: getting up every morning, eating without wanting to, fighting traffic, getting other people richer with the time we sacrifice making repetitive tasks and, even worst, we have to smile whenever we talk about it?

Almost all the adults of our society are simply mechanical pieces of money making machines.

I remember a job interview, one person in the room was talking about their best employee, a guy that dedicated (gave?) his life to the company, he helped them to make millions, he never took sick days in more than 22 years and what is worst, they said it like if it was something to be proud of.

I couldn’t help myself but to think about this video during the rest of the interview:

Do you know what I want? I don’t want to work... never!

I don’t want to feel responsible of getting up every morning and going to a place because I’m afraid that if I don’t, I won’t be able to feed me and my family.

I don’t want someone telling me that I can’t do something, that I don’t have any sick days left, or that I will never get a raise. I don’t want to hear that I am late or that I am not up to someone else’s goals.

I don’t want to become a zombie that does the same things over and over again until I retire, and finish my life as those old dogs that walk on their nails... I don’t want to die before dying!!

Is it just me?

If it were for me, do you know what I would have done a long time ago?

I would have traveled a lot more, learn more languages, meditated, read, met wonderful people, it doesn’t matter if I didn’t have the “basics commodities” everyone thinks they need.

I mean really, can we be honest for a moment here? C’mon, there is only you, this letter and me. If it was up to you, would you go to work tomorrow? Even if you do like your job, wouldn’t you rather be doing and learning things that really accelerate your heart?

And it is not because you’re lazy, or because you don’t like to work hard to get want you want, it is because you’d be rather putting all of your energy into something that really excites you.

Well, I’m pretty sure that 95% of the people will say: “But David, you need to do SOMETHING (anything?) to live. You just can’t listen to your heart. You need a job so you can pay to do the things that your are passionate about in your free time”.

It is like living a delayed life, in which you save, and save and save some more, till you finally retired at 60 (if it is not more) and then you can enjoy the last ~20 years of your life.

At least at that moment you’ll have the time to really do what you want to do with your life, right?

Here’s what I propose to you.

Do something that really gives you satisfaction of doing it and the satisfaction of helping the world to be a better place.

LEARN what you really want to, don’t be ashamed of what other people might think because your passions are not theirs.

What would happen if you do the things you really want - traveling, reading, exercising, expressing yourself through arts - and get all the information you need to get there ?

What would happen if you could LEARN freely about what you are truly interested in?

What would you really do with your life?

This is why I decided to quit that job where I was expected to become a caffeine fueled zombie. I decided to fill up my life with satisfaction and create Noosfeer: a site dedicated to all the people that want to take that step and follow their passions, a site dedicated to the people that take the risk of living and learning what they really want!

Even though the site is still young, with your help it will become the main site made for anyone that thinks and acts with freedom, the people that want to live their lives at the top.

I will bet all I have to make possible for all Noosfeer users to learn and live their lives in the way that really counts: feeding their passions!

Yours truly,
David Gordillo
Founder of Noosfeer