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This Statement is an addition to the Terms and Conditions. Therefore, the general definitions and provisions of the Terms and Conditions apply.

The Provider operates the Service in full compliance with the Directive 95/46/EC on privacy and data protection. The Provider respects your privacy and therefore protects your personal data. Noosfeer is not one a Web service that exists in order to collect personal data.

For your convenience, the Provider has arranged all information on privacy and data protection in a "Questions & Answers" section. Nevertheless, this statement is a binding agreement between the Provider and each User. The User expressly consents to storage and processing of his/her personal data, as described and defined in this statement.

Meta Data

What is meta data?

Meta data, in this statement, means all data related directly to a User as a person, irrespective of your actual usage of the Service.

What meta data is collected and stored by Noosfeer?

Noosfeer stores data you enter and submit on the Web service; i.e., if you enter your reading topic, interact, save and bookmark articles, Noosfeer will store that information.

What meta data is processed by Noosfeer and why?

Noosfeer will process your data in order to properly run the Web service, for example, if you visit an article, we process your data in order to show you the best article adapted to your interests. Noosfeer reserves the right to process your master data to generate anonymous statistics.

Does Noosfeer process my e-mail adress and send e-mails?

Noosfeer will process your email address solely to send you e-mails containing information or notifications about the Service.

Traffic Data

What is traffic data?

Traffic data is data about your Noosfeer usage. This is mainly tracking information on log-in times, duration, and activities while logged in Traffic data also includes your IP address/es and information sent automatically by your Web browser such as your browser software, preferred languages, and the name of your operating system.

What traffic does Noosfeer collect and store?

Noosfeer collects your traffic data, as defined before, and will store that data for the duration of your session (a session starts when you log in and ends when you log out). When you register to Noosfeer, only your Name, your email address and your password are stored.

What traffic data is processed by Noosfeer and why?

During your session, Noosfeer needs to process traffic data to improve the service. After the session, Noosfeer reserves the right to process traffic data to generate anonymous statistics. Noosfeer uses this information to improve its services and user experience. Noosfeer may also process traffic data for security and fraud-detection reasons. The number of profile pages you viewed is a security measure for the protection of personal data. Processing this information helps Noosfeer detect and prevent "data harvesting", meaning automatic retrieval of profile pages to gain many users’ personal data. Noosfeer uses Google Analytics to collect the traffic data.


What are cookies?

Cookies are files with information that are not stored by Noosfeer, but by your Web browser. A cookie is generated when any website sends a request to your Web browser and your web browser accepts it; later, your web browser will send that cookie back to the wabsite on request.

Do I have to use cookies to use Noosfeer?

Cookies can make some functions more convenient for you, as they help to generate personalized pages. Nevertheless, Noosfeer is thought to be used without cookies. Cookies are switched on by default in most Web browsers. You can switch off cookies on your Privacy Settings page. Please consult your Web browser's manual (or help file) for instructions how to delete existing cookies or how to tell your Web browser not to accept any.

What data is stored in cookies and why will it be processed?

If you choose to, there will be a cookie for your login information, so that you are automatically logged in when you visit Noosfeer. Otherwise, Noosfeer uses Google Analytics to collect the traffic data, their service stores their own cookies, for more info check this page.

Transmission of data

Will Noosfeer sell personal data to any third parties?

Noosfeer will not sell or otherwise share personal data without permission.

New Tab Extension Users

Traffic data (IP address/es, name and interests) of the users of the New Tab Extension can be used to serve targeted promoted movies. Noosfeer considers privacy and data protection to be very important issues, hence the data is repported to movie promoters in an aggregate fashion. Movie promoters have only a general idea where their movies are generating interest and your personal information won't be displayed by any means.

Privacy and Data Protection Supervision

Whom can I contact if I have a request or complaint about Privacy or Data Protection?

Noosfeer considers privacy and data protection to be very important issues, as they directly affect the trust between us and our valued users. Therefore, Noosfeer has implemented specific measures to supervise data protection issues. For any requests or complaints relating to privacy and data protection, please directly contact us via e-mail to [email protected]

Changes to Statement on Privacy and Data Protection

How does Noosfeer notify Users of changes in this Statement on Privacy and Data Protection?

By using the Service, you expressly agree to this Statement on Privacy and Data Protection.